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I was adopted when I was 9 months old, so I don’t know anything about my background or family history. When my kids had to do their cultural background history project, the only part they could fill out was their father’s side. In fact, my husband’s family has records dating back over hundreds of years in their family tree with photographs and journals from the 1800s. We spent all evening on New Years Eve going through some of those records and photos with his family. I actually had a tear in my eye over how amazing his family background was. Family is something I have and always will cherish, so it’s important for me to find my roots.

Example Family Tree on Ancestry

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not out to find my real parents or replace my adoptive family. I love my adoptive family very much and my mother and father are the most wonderful, loving couple that I owe my life to. But if you’ve never been adopted or if you just don’t care about history, it might be hard for you to understand how much this intrigues me. I love history and I love learning about family backgrounds, so I was on a mission to unravel my identity.

The Basics in My Background

I know I’m Filipino. My biological mother was Filipino and she was there at the adoption center to sign the paperwork over to my adoptive parents, though they never met. But she never revealed (or couldn’t reveal) who my biological father was. Since my biological mother was a “bar girl”, the flings she had could have been with an American Caucasian or African American soldier, a local Filipino, or even a Vietnamese soldier.

It was during the ending of the Vietnam war when troops were being sent to Clark Air Force Base to wrap things up.  My adoptive mother helped with the Red Cross in taking care of the homeless refugees and motherless children that were being taken in for protection. She saw all the children and that’s when her and my father decided to try and adopt. As fate would have it, I was there during that time.

Now 40 years later I am happy, healthy, and successful , in more ways than one. But, there is still a gap in my life. Not the kind of gap where I wonder who my biological parents are, but that gap of knowing where I came from. As I watched my husband’s family reminisce the old days and going through hundreds of photos and records and reading journals and diaries of relatives long gone, I wondered to myself, “What historical past do I have? How could I do this for my kids?”

And the answer was in an advertisement from! is the largest genealogy company in the world. It operates a network of genealogical and historical record websites focused on the United States and nine foreign countries through developing and marketing genealogical software, and offers a wide array of genealogical related services.

Thanks to technology and science, I am able to get started on a more in-depth background of myself.  So, I headed over to and ordered the AncestryDNA Kit for $99.



AncestryDNA is an autosomal DNA test that examines your unique genetic code for clues about your family history. Then we use genetic science to determine family relationships within our database of AncestryDNA members and your ethnicity origins.  AncestryDNA extracts your DNA from a small saliva sample. Then the lab looks at more than 700,000 different “markers” in your tDNA to create a profile for you.


AncestryDNA uses your test results to:

  1. Find “cousin” matches
  2. Tell you how you and your match might be related if you both have online trees
  3. Estimate your historical ethnicity

There is so much more the test can tell you in regards to DNA and matches throughout the world. For more information about how the process works, download or view the AncestryDNA PDF file from here.


In a few days I received the kit and was eager to get started. I followed the simple instructions by providing a sample of my saliva and then mailed it back.  Now, it was a matter of waiting 6-8 weeks for the results that I will access online. I was so excited it was giving me anxiety just thinking about it!

The Results Are In

After two and a half months of waiting (one of the longest anticipated moments of my life next to child birth), I finally received my results.

AncestryDNA Results Pie

As you can see in the above pie. I am 61% East Asian and 36% Polynesian with a slight gene in Other parts of Asia as well. They even broke it down more:

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 12 07.34ScreenHunter_20 Apr. 12 07.34


This helped me conclude that my biological father was, in fact, Asian or Polynesian as well and he was not an American Caucasian or African American soldier.

The test was suppose to curb my curiosity, but it only left me excited to learn more. Even though it helped me solidify my heritage and background, it was only the beginning to learning more about my culture. Now, I am anxious to learn my ancestor’s language as well as their traditions and celebrations. The test also helps my children pinpoint more of their heritage on my side of the tree. I am very pleased with my results.


If you are interested in getting your AncestryDNA kit and starting your family history, get 10% off today with one of my coupons I got from the kit.

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What did you think of my test results and discoveries? Have you tried AncestryDNA? If so, what did you learn about yourself and your ancestors?

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