Star Versus the Forces of Evil Cosplay

This year we hit the nail on the head with our Cosplay for Halloween. Nova decided to go as Star Butterfly from Disney’s Star Versus the Forces of Evil, so I started my budget searching back at the end of August just in case I had to purchase something that was on back order.  Luckily for me, the items I used were common apparel and affordable at that.

Star Versus the Forces of Evil

Star Butterfly is a magical princess from the dimension of Mewni, and the heir to the royal throne of her world. As per tradition, she is given her family’s family heirloom wand on her 14th birthday, but after she accidentally sets fire to the family castle, her parents decide that a safer option is to send her to Earth as a foreign exchange student, so she can continue her magic training there. She befriends Marco Diaz and lives with his family while attending Echo Creek Academy. Star and Marco must deal with everyday school life while protecting Star’s wand from falling into the hands of Ludo, a villain from Mewni who commands a group of monsters. Star and the folks from Mewni are able to travel across dimensions using “dimensional scissors” that can open portals. Star vs is full of love, laughter, friendship, and mystery that is gauranteed to keep you wanting more.

Piecing the Cosplay Together on a Budget

For Nova’s attire, I started off with a simple mint green A-line dress. I made sure it was plain since it allowed her the option to draw or sew on a patch of the Octopus that Star Butterfly displays on the front of her dress. I had a hard time finding a mint colored A-line, but if I didn’t find one in time I was going to get a white dress and dye it Teal Sea Foam green with Rit Fabric Dye from Michaels. I got lucky and found the mint, so I didn’t have to dye it.

Afterwards I found pink and purple striped knee-high socks, then a blond wig, and the horn headband. The most expensive part would have been the signature Star Butterfly boots, reaching an average of $90 a pair.  Considering I didn’t know if Nova would re-use them again next year and the fact that they never have them in her shoe size, I decided to forego the signature style and I just purchased a regular pair of pink rain boots instead, saving me $70 in the end.

Overall, Nova really made it work. She was please with the outcome and I was pleased with the budget. In total, what would have cost me about $200 for the entire outfit, cost me less than $100 with simple selections and an eye for creativity. I think this was one of my favorite cosplays she had so far.

What do you think of Nova’s cosplay?

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