Lock Ridge Furnace Family Geocaching Adventure in Lehigh Valley PA

This past week was so beautiful out we decided to do our first Geocaching adventure of the year. Now mind you, this isn’t our FIRST geocache, but the first one of 2017, so we we’re really excited to finally get out there and start treasure hunting without fighting the bitter winter weather. We donned our walking and hiking gear, then set out over the creeks, into the woods and fields of Pennsylvania.

Our first adventure was hidden somewhere within Pennsylvania’s Historic Lockridge Furnace Museum.

Lock Ridge Furnace Museum is a unique monument to the Lehigh County’s industrial heritage. It was an important part of the early iron industry. It operated as an iron mill from 1868 until 1921. Lehigh County acquired the Furnace in 1972. In 1981, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Lehigh County 2008)

Syncing our GPS to the hidden cache

First we all synced our GPS Geocaching app to the same location and coordinates.  This allows us to work together as a team so that we are all on the same track. If you have never geocached before, it is wise to keep your team (if you are hunting with partners) synced up to share information and photographs!

Treasure hunting begins

Then we set off to find our first cache of the year!

The fun thing about this Geocache was that it gave a mathematical puzzle to solve in order to find the next coordinates. You had to figure out what part of Lock Ridge the treasure was hidden and narrow your location down from there.

Evaluating the math puzzle to the geocaching coordinates
Solving the equation resulted in a number on the board map

Hunt on, but don’t keep your head down!

Even though our eyes were glued to the app in order to follow the coordinates, we still took time to enjoy the scenery. The point of geocaching isn’t just to find the treasure, but to get people out and about to discover and enjoy new places around the world.

During our hunt, we couldn’t help but to stop and admire such a historical and beautiful area. People from all over Lehigh County were gathered here for photographs, geocaching, site seeing, and even metal detecting! It was rather fun to see so many enthusiastic adventuring families out and about.

Spectacular ruins claim the grounds with a haunting history
What was once a bustling armory is now a piece of the past
The unique stone buildings are still well cared for

Alas, as we worked our way down a path and across a stream, we had to trek along through a hidden path within the dead trees, but the only thing we found was a note with a QScan that directed us to a website indicating the geocache was no longer there.

Getting closer to the treasure


All is not lost young treasure seeker!

No loss though, there was another geocache close by and we decided to zip along to that one. We headed back through the deadened forest until we reached a clearing where the railroad tracks met.

Searching for the next closest cache

There, we spread out a bit because the GPS said we were basically on top of the loot.  Here was the Geocache description:

ScreenHunter_27 Apr. 24 13.14

ScreenHunter_28 Apr. 24 13.14

We just might have found something

And finally! We were able to move things around tucked in a tree trunk to find the hidden Geocache.

Geocaching jackpot!

Once we found it, we opened up the box to see who else had been there and what “treasures” people left behind. We them logged it into the Geocaching system that our team found it too, popped a pretty penny inside as our treasure, and signed our team name on the enclosed notepad to leave our “signature” behind as well.

Our team logs another find! Great job!

And after a few hours of fun outdoor adventuring, it was time for some ice cream as a reward for our team efforts!

If you have never tried Geocaching, I would highly recommend you read more about this amazing outdoor adventure for the whole family. Now is a great time to start getting out and exploring, enjoying, and discovering together.

Read more about Geocaching from the main Geocaching website.

Do you enjoy geocaching? What are some of the best geocaching memories you have?

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3 thoughts on “Lock Ridge Furnace Family Geocaching Adventure in Lehigh Valley PA

  1. Sounds like awesome fun. I used to love doing car rally treasure hunts years ago. No mobiles or apps to follow then! We had to decipher clues, collect certain items and reach the destination first to be declared winner! 😃🐻

    1. Those sound even better! Remember road maps? Haha! Lol my kids used to say “but how did you find your way around the country without a GPS?” lol I would respond “We used a paper GPS and I was your father’s Siri!” … Boy what an adventure that was traveling from New Jersey to California 😉

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